The Basics


There are a lot of guidelines, charts, and rules out there with some simple internet searching. It can get overwhelming so I am putting the ones I hold in highest importance in this first section. This information will help you skip a lot of education that are given in an initial consultation.

  • Dont mix your proteins - This includes, dairy, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, and meat. I think this is the hardest habit for people to break initially so let me explain. Each type of protein requires a specific strength and timing of digestive juice secretions. This means that no two types of concentrated protein should be consumed together at a meal. Meat and dairy should specifically never be eaten together. Meat is heating and milk is cooling so they contradict one another, upsetting agni and producing toxins. Also no two types of animal protein should be eaten together.

  • Dont eat fruit with your food - Yes, your smoothie obsession is terrible for you. Fruit breaks down a lot quicker then other foods, diary, nut milks etc. It just ferments in your stomach while the other ingredients take their time breaking down making it impossible to properly absorb all the nutrients you are trying to give yourself. This doesnt include raisins and dates. Eat fruit as a snack several hours away from your meals

  • Stop snacking - just because the food is there doesnt mean you have to eat it. We are so dettached from the feeling of genuine hunger. Have some water if you are feeling hungry an hour after you eat and see how you feel

  • Eat meals 4-6 hours apart - this is depending on how strong your digestion is but it is a pretty safe timeframe. Planning your meals is just as important as planning your mealtimes. Rule of thumb is to eat just because. If you aren’t hungry it is not necessarily a good idea to eat. Your digestive capacity could be impaired and with the right herbs, diet, and lifestyle shift it can be addressed

  • No ice - You are dampening your digestive fire with all the cold drinks. Eating and drinking cold things freezes the digestive process.

  • Give your body time to digest your meal. This means:

    • Dont exercise after you eat. Yes this includes protein bars and all things things marketed for your pr-eworkout calorie intake.

    • Dont have sex after a meal. Its very similar to to the exercise rule but can be even more whole body involved. Your body can not do do both at the same time

    • No showering right after you eat. Same concept as the above. Basically when you exert yourself the heat and attention your body uses to properly digest your food goes to your peripheries instead of in your stomach where it needs to be.

  • Yogurt - Please just stop eating it. All the good you think you are doing for your gut is nothing compared to the damage you could be doing to your blood. I actually have nothing against yogurt (properly made fresh yogurt) that is of course, not mixed with fruit or any of the other things everyone loves putting in it. Mixing any sour fruits with dairy diminishes the digestive fire, changes the intestinal flora, produces toxins and causes sinus congestion, cold, cough and allergies.  The majority of people in the West already have vitiated blood, whether it be from our parents, past or present excessive alcohol consumption, pharmaceuticals, etc. The list is long but the point is that we dont need anymore heating fermented products, especially a fermented dairy product

  • Raw food does not mean it is healthy for you - If your digestion isn’t strong enough to break down, hard to digest raw food, then you are not going to be able to absorb those nutrients. Cooking food, even if it is a mild version of cooking, helps your body break it out more easily.

  • Heating Honey - Honey becomes toxic when cooked. Cooked or heated honey takes long to digest and its molecules become glued together and stick to mucous membranes and block fine channels, producing poison. So refrain from cooking with it and make sure your tea is not extremely hot before you add it.

  • Leftovers - Fresh food is full of nutrients. These start to diminish soon after it’s cooked. By the time it’s a leftover its properties have changed and it’s difficult for the body to digest. Avoid food that’s been cooked for more than 24 hours before and don’t mix fresh food with leftovers as the nutrient value decreases, creates toxins in the body, and increases Vāta dosha.

  • Do not suppress natural urges - One should not suppress the natural urges of

    • Urine

    • Excretion of stools

    • Ejaculation of semen

    • Flatus

    • Vomiting

    • Sneezing

    • Coughing

    • Yawning

    • Hunger

    • Thirst

    • Tears / crying

    • Sleep

      The first six of these urges are more capable of creating disease if suppressed. The suppression of these urges, leads to the obstruction of Vāta dosha in its normal course. This initiates the disturbance in the flow of Vāta, which then deviates from its natural course, causing imbalance and disease.