About Us

DhanyaVeda is a group of practitioners that have trained, studied, and worked together at different points in their practice. We practice out of different places of the world which increases the likelihood that one of us is near you. A few of us also offer online consultations. Our team have all been classically trained in Ayurvedic Medicine and therapies and offer different points of focus.


Autumn Jorgensen

Autumn began studying Ayurveda informally in 2009 along with Yogic and Vedic philosophies. Her formal training of Ayurveda began in 2014 completing the US- based Ayurvedic Studies Program with Dr Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute. Autumn since continued her studies in India and the US under the guidance of her primary mentors Vaidyas Shreerang and Varsha Galgali MD’s of the Arogyasarathi Cikitsalaya and Kashyapa Fisher of The Arogya Center. She has been classically trained in all Pancha Karma therapies and has been certified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner through the NAMA organization. NAMA’s Ayurvedic Practitioner level is currently the highest recognized credential for an Ayurvedic Practioner in the United States. She has completed 3000+ educational hours as well as 500+ clinic hours. Her main practice is currently out of New York, NY where she specializes in Ayurvedic Consulting, herbal protocols, and Pancha Karma. Online consultations offered.

Other certifications include:

Advanced CYT w/ Sivananda Yoga

Level 2 Irest Yoga Nidra w/ Richard Miller

Level 3 Core Synchronism


marko pregelj

Marko is a New Mexico based practitioner with formal training in massage therapy (NMSNT) and Ayurveda (Ayurvedic Institute, Arogya School).Founded in a deep understanding of Ayurvedic principles, Marko uses his passion and diverse knowledge of medicinal plants to develop custom herbal formulas, oils and remedies on an individual basis. Marko strives to use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients as much as possible. Along with Ayurvedic Consultations, Marko offers body treatments and energy work including Marma Therapy, Core Synchronism and Lymphatic Drainage and traditional Pancha Karma cleanses.


Stephanie lawee

Hailing from the eastern regions of Canada, Stephanie’s innate passion and curiosity for understanding the embodied experience has led her into the rich and encoded ocean of answers which makes up India’s indigenous medical system of Ayurveda.With over 3500 hours of study and clinical training in Ayurveda, and additional certifications in massage therapy, emergency medicine, yoga and naturopathy, Stephanie aims to develop practical and effective approaches to healing and self optimization for her clients. Stephanie specializes in creating comprehensive protocols for supporting wellness and peak performance in athletes and physical artists. She is available both online and in person in the Montreal and Vancouver areas for consultations and individualized Pancha Karma programs.

Ros Consoli

Ros lives and practices Ayurveda from her home in tropical Darwin, Australia.  Drawn to Ayurveda years earlier for her own health, she saw the beginning a beautiful relationship with her own self and the world around her. Ros formally studied with Dr Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic institute for 2 years and qualified as an Ayurvedic Practitioner, and later furthered her studies with a selection of the Pancakarma therapies under the guidance of Vaidyas Shreerang and Varsha Galgali in Pune, India. Ros offers a broad variety of Ayurvedic protocols and therapies. Ros is also a 500hr certified Yoga teacher.